Castien Galadal

Steward of the Watch


Race: Drow Elf
Height: 4’10"
Weight: > 50 kg
Skin Tone: Jet Black
Hair Colour: Cold White
Eye Colour: Pale Silver
Age: 163
Occupation: Steward, Financial management of the Ice Watch.


Initially hailing from a small town along The Trade Way, Castien was the heir to Galadal & Sons Merchant Company, a somewhat successful group who dealt in trade in the regions south of Baldur’s Gate. Castien was in charge of managing finances and numbers, much preferring the comfort of a house and hearth over the adventures of travelling. Plus, he didn’t have to deal with quite so many cries of “Demon! Monster!” from terrified bumpkins with their heads filled with tales of the evils of the Drow of the Underdark.

Whilst on contract, he happened to stumble upon a scheme to bring his family to ruin, orchestrated by a more traditional and less Drow-y merchant company. In his efforts to halt this disaster, Castien eventually found himself at the mercy of the Council of the Gate, having narrowly evaded having his family connected to a plague that had struck a local town. In exchange for the Council bringing down his rival company for their misdeeds, he was to do them a service; He would become the castellan of an investment fortress far to the north. Though reluctant to leave his comfortable family estate, he agreed, and following a heartfelt farewell, he travelled the long distance north to a small region called Lod Skala.

Now the Steward of Icewatch, Castien is a major boon to the heroes, as without his dedicated work, they would have no food, no supplies, no building materials, no trade caravans coming north… The list goes on for a long while.

Castien Galadal

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