Gani Farast

One half of the Watch's Crafters


Race: Mountain Dwarf
Height: 4’3"
Weight: Around 70 kg
Skin Tone: Tanned
Hair Colour: Muddy Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Age: Mid Seventy
Occupation: Carpenter, Mason, All-round craftswoman
Wife of Urist Farast


Hailing from Mithral Hall, Gani is a proud and stout individual, thriving on industry and drink. She apprenticed under her father for most of her youth, following the family tradition of architecture and carpentry. It was whilst working that she met the love of her life; the jovial Urist. They worked astoundingly well together from the get-go, and quickly fell for each other afterward.

After a whirlwind romance, the pair were married after a mere 5 years together, but now they sought their own fortune. It was then that they found themselves with a potential business offer, from a human city far to the south. If they handled the reconstruction and refurbishment of a watch-tower in the mountains, they would be given land up there to build whatever they pleased.

Up in the open and far less pleasant mountainous region of Lod Skala, Gani was faced with a monumental task; somehow, she and Urist were to make a dilapidated, abandoned fort “habitable”. Well, no challenge was too much for the pair, and after half a year, Icewatch Tower was in the shape that the heroes found it in when they arrived. Now, following their success, they set plans for their true calling. Planned by Urist, and constructed by Gani, the two worked together to open their own tavern on the grounds of Icewatch, following the most important dwarvish tradition of all; getting very, very drunk, and making sure everyone around them was just as smashed.

Gani Farast

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