Ivor Marsk

'Arcane Assistant' from the University


Race: Damaran
Height: 5’11"
Weight: Around 60kg
Skin Tone: Pallid
Hair Colour: Black
Facial Hair: An ungroomed beard and moustache
Eye Colour: Cold Blue
Age: Early 20’s
Occupation: Arcarnist, Arcane Assistant, Alchemist


Ivor hails from Baldur’s Gate, formerly an alchemist’s apprentice, and later a student of the Arcane University there. He specialised his study in Alchemy and Transmutation, having shown little interest in the other practices, but obsessing over research into those two fields. However, repeated “minor” incidents caused him to suffer the ire of the staff there. When his work was succeeding though, he showed great promise, and when he could be found to actually speak to about his work, he would speak at length about the finer details of the exploration of his field.

Eventually, he was selected for the “Icewatch” operation that was taking place far in the north, where he was offered the chance to be the Arcane Assistant for the formerly great fort. He accepted the offer, figuring he’d finally get left alone for a while to do all the research and experimentation he craved.

As for now, Ivor spends most of his time as he always did; alone, engrossed in his work, and only occasionally causing “minor” incidents.

Ivor Marsk

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